Meet the band:

Handmade began in 2014 when everyone decided to start a band since they were friends from a young age and studied at the same school. Influenced by Indie-Rock and bands like Alt-J, Mumford and Sons and Arctic Monkeys. The band takes its first steps with covers and then creates its own songs. Its members: Singer / Guitarist Sebastián Cambronero, bassist Javier Sherab, keyboardist Zichong Zheng, drummer Andrey Diaz, and guitarist Arieh Alvarez.

“We have photos from when we were young, we studied at the same school and we were always friends, we grew up together.” “They were my best friends so we decided to learn one instrument each and play music, it sounds fun, doesn’t it?” Sebastian C.


Sebastián mentioned that after a tragedy with a fire in his house, his guitar was left intact and he decided to take classes for a few months, he also knew a girl who liked indie rock, this along with several factors made him immerse himself in music since he was a kid. By participating in the Festival Estudiantil de las Artes (FEA) and a band battle they began to gain more live experience.

“We want to upload an EP with all our songs from years ago so that people know where our roots come from”.

The sound of Handmade is influenced for the most part by Anglo-Saxon bands, however, they have incorporated Latin sounds in their riffs and percussion, thus having a different identity from other bands. “Even though we’ve been playing together for 7 years, I feel like the band was born last year, so we started taking music more seriously.”

2019 – 2020

2019 was very successful for the band, reflected in the good results and the acceptance of the Costa Rican public. The group got to perform alongside bands like Sportdad, Hijos and among others. They played more than 8 times in different venues throughout the country, most of them Steinvorth Music Hall. Handmade is part of the Stein music society, a platform that helps emerging bands to stand out and provide a space for them to perform live. “Stein records have helped us a lot, it was really something very exciting to know that a platform like Stein is developing in Costa Rica and we are happy to be part of this.”

American British Tobacco

“This year we had to reevaluate everything due to the Coronavirus, the concerts were canceled. Our plan now is to release our new video and song; American British Tobacco on April 4th and in the long terms release a 12 song album. ”The single was recorded, mixed and mastered at Infinity Recording Studios and will be available in all the music platforms and in all our social media pages.

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Photos by : Daniel Tamayo, Luis Paulo Dondi and Isaac Corrales . Exclusively for Ultrazonic Magazine
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