Like every thursday Stein Music Society gave us a night full of fresh music taste. This time in alliance with Pro Indie Music Mexico and Beluga from Guatemala, the bands Menino Bulle from Mexico and Siluetas Amarte from Costa Rica delighted us with their songs.

Siluetas Amarte

This rock band with pop dyes was born back in august 2017 when Diego Frutos (guitar and voice), Mauricio Varela (guitar, piano and voice) and Alejandro Varela (lead guitar) started composing together. In January 2018 Javier Montagné (bass) and Daniel Wehrtmann (drums) joined after playing with Diego in Síndrome de Estocolmo creating a unique musical synergy. After some months playing together, they decided to record their first EP “Dunas” in Conquista Records. Since then, the band has used their experience in the musical field to search new borderlines and create more. One of their best experiences as a group was their first concert with the local bands Alphabetics and Polär where they burned all the eagerness they had for playing live after two years.

This time Siluetas Amarte began calling upon a “Tsunami” with all of their strength. During the concert they played songs from “Dunas” such as “Pseudología Fantástica” and “Lenguaje”. Influences from Argentinian rock like Gustavo Cerati, Soda Stereo and Luis Alberto Spinetta were present throughout their show. Also, the audience could recall their band “Síndrome de Estocolmo” singing along “Inconformidades” and “Danae”. After this performance, the band has planned to record more songs and have live sessions where more people can get to know them, one of these sessions will take place on Saturday March 28th at 4 pm at the Transitarte Festival 2020.

Menino Bulle

More than four years ago, the concept of a band that flows between genres came to the mind of Homero Ortega (voice and synths) and Enrique Zarza (rap and synths) and turned into Menino Bulle, a band from Mexico City that jumps between R&B, electro-pop, hip-hop, chill wave, neo soul & alternative rock. Their origin city influences their sound because of the great musical exchange from all over the world in the place. Around 2015 with Bernardo Huerta (drums), Damir Ortega (bass) and Rodrigo Ortega (guitar) in the band they released their first EP “Eva”.

About experiences the group has taken part of South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas and a contest for emerging latin projects by MTV.  As a result, the spectators could enjoy songs with a clear tendency to electronic music, but lyrics with pop influences. In addition, some moments were characterized by a great rock energy, suddenly some hip-hop rap and a pinch of sensual jazz. With songs like “Uno” and “Hater” it was clear on stage that a band like Menino Bulle loves to experiment with sounds and rhythms to materialize different emotions. The band is now closing the cycle of their last LP “Danza en el Agua” released around 2017 with this concert in Costa Rica and the “Festival del Amor” in Guatemala with bands such as Ishto Juevez and Fraaek.

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