Sámara is known for its lovely beaches and relaxed lifestyle, but did you know you can also find all you need to enjoy with your buds? With so many great places to dine, it can be really hard to decide where to go. Luckily, we’ve pinpointed our favorites.
Follow us on a culinary trip through the 10 best restaurants that you must visit during your trip to Sámara. We base our choices on our personal preference, service, payment methods and end to end experiences.

Falafel café Sámara

This is a cozy place with fresh and healthy dishes.
The Falafeño wrap combo is tasty and light, so it’s the perfect option for a warm day. They offer refreshing pineapple and ginger juice. The homemade BBQ sauce adds a perfect spicy touch and the restaurant also offers great vegetarian options. It doesn’t accept card, just cash or SINPE

Cos-ita restaurant

Without a doubt, they have the best pizza in Samara, and quite possibly in Costa Rica. The quality of their ingredients and the way they prepare the dough make every bite an absolute delight. I tried the Calabrese Pizza, and it left me speechless: the combination of buffalo mozzarella, spicy salami, marinated eggplant, and parsley green sauce was a flavor festival.

The staff was incredibly friendly and attentive, making my visit even more enjoyable. Moreover, they offer various payment options, such as cash, SINPE, and card, which is very convenient.

In summary, if you’re looking for the best pizza in Samara, look no further, there truly isn’t any pizza or quality that compares. Pizzería Cos-Ita is the place where you’ll find a unique culinary experience. I can’t wait to go back and try more of their delicious creations!


Anglers Sámara

They offer a unique fusion of exquisite cocktails, delicious cuisine, and skateboard-inspired decor. The cozy atmosphere makes you feel welcome from the moment you walk through the door 😃. The products are fresh and local, and the Orange Chicken dish maintains a crunchy texture even with the sauce on top.

The Mahi Mahi with jumbo shrimp was absolutely delicious with its oriental sauce, and I also loved the cocktail, both in terms of presentation and taste. 🐟🍹 They accept cash, mobile payments through Sinpe, and card payments.

Malibú restaurant

This restaurant will give you the option to taste amazing seafood pasta. Our personal recommendation is to ask for the one with lobster with wine sauce! The ceviche is good and the prices are fair. The fish with shrimp sauce is enjoyable. This is a restaurant runned by a local family. In terms of payment methods, you shouldn’t have any problems. The restaurant accepts Visa, Mastercard, cash and SINPE móvil.

Mr Pelicano Sámara

Here you’ll have affordables prices for superior quality.
The pasta with clams and mussels cooked in a garlic and fresh tomato sauce is delicious. Since it’s a family business with only a few employees, you can sometimes wait for a little while before getting your food. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of that time to try one of their original cocktails. For example, the Torito has a sweet and lightly spicy after-taste of cinnamon. One of our favorites is Baba Caballo.
We give a special mention to the Crispy Mahi Mahi Burger.  It doesn’t accept card, just cash or SINPE Móvil

Mama Gui Sámara

Intimate and sophisticated Italian food restaurant. 

It offers a really good ambiance with live music. We recommend their pizzas, and the Gnocchi Alle Vongole. This dish has the perfect amount of gnocchi and the sauce mixes perfectly with the vongole. It has a good quantity of spices, but it doesn’t feel like it covers the rest of the flavors. They offer sophisticated cocktails and please, but please save some space for the tasty desserts they offer.

El Colibrí restaurant in Carrillo

The paradise for meat lovers.
The Argentinian empanada de carne has a really juicy meat. We advise you to take the parilla for 2 to be able to taste different types of meat. The parilla comes with sweet potato fries and a salad. If you don’t feel like eating meat, Colibri restaurant also has tuna which is incredibly fresh. Prices are reasonable.

Sámara Sushi

Ready for a little trip to Japan?  Every month they have a different promo perfect to share for 2 people.  A wide variety of fresh sushi and Japanese food in a relaxed atmosphere with swings chairs

La feria de Sámara

From grandma’s kitchen to our mouths.
This is a must. If there is a place you should definitely visit if you are in Samara is “La Feria”, where the most experienced hands and true Costa Rican gastronomy meet. In this place you’ll discover different stalls with local foods that you won’t be able to find in any other restaurant of Samara such as Salpicón de Atún, Gallina achiotada, Crema de Ayote and Tamales and Buñuelos.

Los Delfines restaurant in Carrillo

Located in Carrillo, but worth the trip to get a really fresh ceviche accompanied by patacones. Their seafood and pasta is good. The restaurant is also runned by a local family. The owner Francisco has a tour company which we really recommend.

El Lagarto restaurant Sámara

Chill and grill. In El Lagarto, every dish is cooked on their grill.
The service is excellent, waitresses are efficient and they are always willing to help. Even if the restaurant is full you won’t wait to get your plates. Treat yourself with a beef tenderloin after a day of hiking or surfing. All the dishes come along with a large potato and grilled vegetables.  It could be pricey but it is totally worth it.

Teca Beach Restaurant Sámara

Really good service and the decoration of the place is cozy. The perfect place for a date or just to have some friends’ company. The food and ingredients are fresh and personally, one of the best burgers in town. The prices already include the taxes so you always know the final prices.

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