Last weekend from Friday to Monday one of the most known and promoted festivals took place in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Ocaso Festival is a collection of trance melodic to dark electronic music that simultaneously benefits many of the businesses in tamarindo since during the festival almost all the hotels, Airbnb, and hostels were at their maximum capacity.

First impressions

The crowd seemed to be a balanced mix of locals and foreigners and it was a great opportunity to connect different cultures. The beach Party had a chilled bohemian vibe and lasted through sunset which colored the ocean and beach into golden red, perfect to start off the long following night. On the first night, we arrived early and caught a glimpse of the calmness before the storm. There was an Art venue with different people showing and sharing their art, food trucks, a glitter fairy tent, and different merchandise.

People from all over the world come together to join in dancing doing art and sharing an experience. Ocaso festival is parted into two parts one is marked as a day party and one as a night party, these take place in different locations. You can start your fiesta off with a drink at the beach dance and watch the sunset to melodic vibey music and continue your evening in the dark and artistic venue of La Senda. To get from one to the other venues the festival offers a free shuttle service and there are as well many taxis around to bring and pick up people.

Our Experience

Friday night was nicely wrapped up with different sets such as Dixon and Michael Bibi who with their music started the underground festival in a focused and catching tone. To save energy for the following days we went home early. On Saturday the crowd was huge to support the DJs and it was a great night in the tune of Doc Martin followed by Bob Moses and rounding off with an incredible set by the energetic Solomun until the next morning at 11:00. The air was filled with sparkling energy listening to the heartful beats of Solomun´s Music dancing to the sun coming up behind the stage. (Sunglasses highly recommended).

For Sunday night there were a lot fewer people for the start but soon stocked up with DJ’s such as Fideles and Magdalena who is Solomun’s sister for the ones who don‘t know. The music was catchy in a dreamy spaced almost epic tune. The energy in the Crowd was reflecting and melting into it.
There is no more to say to that other than it was a very hard decision to go home and get the rest we needed for the last festival day on Monday.

Monday was the last day and night. Spent it at the beach to round the experience off with the great energy of the Dj‘s Papa Lu and Dusty Carter who ended the day perfectly to kick off this last night.
The last set of the festival was created by Adriatique two Djs from my personal hometown, Zurich Switzerland. They completely nailed it. The music was flirty, picked up the crowd, and created hours and hours of dancing. The festival left back new connections between people, a full town of Tamarindo, and excitement for next year.

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Fotografías: Daniel Tamayo / Ultrazonic Magazine

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