“The year was 2013. My band (Cervato) and I were playing in a concert. In this one event, we managed to cross paths with Chama, playing with his band “Glucosa”.

That’s where I met Fabian. After that, I’ve been following his projects and I’ve also seen his videos that have gone viral on Facebook because of the peculiarity of transforming his Skateboard into a Guitar! Today we will talk about him and a little about his tour in the United States and new projects:


“I’ve always been a skater, it’s my favorite sport and I’ve done it for many years. For economic reasons and because I liked it, I started playing on the street, I realized that to be successful you have to call the attention and in order to do that, you need rare instruments and I came up with the Skateboard Guitar and it went pretty well once I build it and started playing”.

“Glucosa was a friend’s band” ,a Jam, it was a kind of terrible. We used to rehearse a lot, but at some point no one had the money to meet or rehearse. That’s when I told my drummer that we could go and play on the street, but in the end we realized that we were better playing there. With the band It was very complicated, we had to wait for the events and it is quite difficult. So we became street performers!

I won a Volcom contest worldwide. They were looking for people doing different things you know, like their style, Music, skate, and art.
It was in 2017 just for two weeks, I was in Austin, Texas and then, I went to Venice Beach, Los Angles, which is super cool. I played a couple of times on the beach, it went well, I liked it, it’s totally another vibe and I wanted to go back then, this year I packed my bags and I left all summer about 4 months, and now it became my second home.

USA and Volcom

I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a bicycle when I was camping in my tent. But I did not see any famous musician, only not so popular people for example friends of Axel rose who took pictures with him in the 80s in convertibles, for example, you find people like that in Los Angeles.
Being there opened up my mind a lot and my new project is skateadelics, which was born in the United States. When I was in the USA, people asked me about my page and I told them that my name was Chama Ride, but nobody understood, so I decided to create skateadelics, which is a project that I’m doing along with my drummer. It is a combination of covers with original music.

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I will always be grateful to Volcom because they sponsored me with money, good vibes and motivation. Hubert Araya a Costa Rican skater, called me one day, telling me that there was a contest, where they were looking for new artists. You needed to apply by sending a video to them and the prize was $ 5,000. He encouraged me to participate, I applied and I was among the 15 winners in the world.
After that, they took me to the USA. They gave me a lot of clothes and inspire me to continue. I want to return to the United States in the summer, then return to Costa Rica, save money and go to Europe to do a tour and go as far as I can.

I want to travel around the world, there are many places to discover, I do not find the reason why you need to stay in just one place.
The secret to building the skateboard guitar is knowing the measure between the bridges because it has to be the right one for the scale. If you want to know more about it, I can help you or build one, in fact, I am selling them.
You just have to know how does an electric guitar work and translate the same to a skateboard. It is played with a Slide, is a bit simple, the way it is done is like a Lap Steel Guitar, like David Gilmoure, it is an instrument that is used a lot but is not so popular.

“It’s crazy because it came out in my first attempt, and it worked pretty good, in fact, the first one I did was built with recycling. I feel like it was the best I’ve played, but it was destroyed after a party that had a bonfire, I felt very Jimi Hendrix and threw it into the fire (laughs).
It was December 31, in Santa Teresa, imagine. It did not burn all, it just stayed with a tattoo, but there it is and I’m going to restore it”.

“I feel that I like to share through the music, I am passionate about music, I like it a lot. I feel that if you can live life through music, travel, have fun and make money you have to do it,  is that or spend your time in an office living as everybody is told to be, but it is difficult, You have to be very good”.

“The Costa Rican band that I like the most is Evolucion, it was my favorite when I was a teenager, I like that rock. I met Balerom when I was 16 years old, he is an amazing guy, and he inspired me because he was living and making money just with playing with his band and he was doing well, in fact, we built a skate ramp together, because he also skated and I just skated before as well. And international is very difficult because there are so many bands but I really like led zeppelin, but also classic rock, 70s, pink Floyd. I have a hard time deciding which is my favorite

I changed in the street, because I saw that make money there was possible, even though it is frowned upon by many or it gives them shame, it is something that is not easy, that changed me because I have always wanted to travel and this gives you the possibility to conquer a new city because you play, people give you money and you can go to another new place, now I’m improving musically in order to play at events. You have to make an effort to attract the people, that’s why you have to improve a lot so that you do well”.