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The Blue Apt, is a psychedelic Indie-rock band, also influenced by the bedroom pop genre, which refers to artists who record from home. The blue Apt is a project led by the Costarican Gabriel Loynaz, who is the founder and main composer. When they perform live the group is presented with a line up consisting of: bassist Jaffet Víquez, keyboardist Rodrigo García and on drums Daniel Rosales.. All his songs can be found on Spotify, Apple Music,and other platforms and social networks.

The band was born in Curridabat in the middle of 2019 where Gabriel decided to start recording all his musical ideas from home. From a young age, his uncle influenced him in music and music production. It was in this way that he began learning on the internet and as well by studying music production at ULACIT university.

“It is difficult when you do everything because you do not limit yourself, but you give your best to try to record something incredible, you have unlimited hours to exploit ideas.¨ You must organize yourself and set deadlines to not leave things half way¨.


Gabriel says that his first album sought to add more raw sounds and to not sound so computerized. ¨You have to keep the music in balance so it doesn’t lose the essence of theperson”. His first singleWe were fine” is based on a repetitive dream, where a girl that he does not know in real life appeared and it turns into a love story.Bloom”, another one of his songs, talks about believing in what you do, knowing that if you spend time and desire you can achieve everything.

“I wrote the single Black Eyes to my girlfriend. I thought she had black eyes but I am colorblind, she has brown eyes. The song is a metaphor because for me, nobody has black eyes, I could find a galaxy in her eyes.


The Blue Apt debuted in a concert with the band Handmade and from there, they have performed in venues such as House of Beers in the Barrio la California, the Steinvorth and they have also played along with the Costa Rican band Dylan Thomas in a mini-festival. “This year I want to dedicate myself to the production of my second EP, and hopefully link a music video with my latest single”.

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Photos by :  Rodrigo García – The Blue Apt. Exclusively for Ultrazonic Magazine
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