The confinement of the COVID-19 pandemic has also been a space to reinvent ourselves, so the Stein Music Society produced Dancing with Myself Fest as an invitation to dance and enjoy music while we stay at home.

Expectations for this weekend

According to Stewart Heigold, organizer of the Festival and musician in Sportdad, one of the Costa Rican bands that will be part of the Festival: The initiative arose from the need to generate movement in one of the scenes most affected by the current situation worldwide. With that being said the objective is to generate culture and share in these difficult times. On the other hand, Sebastián Cambronero, member of Handmade, expressed that he hopes that this is an opportunity for artists to reconnect with the audience through social media,  have fun and relax in these conditions that can be tense.

¿How and where?

The dynamic will be through Instagram Live where each artist will play thirty minutes and will invite people who listen to continue watching the show in the profile of the next musical project. In conclusion, musicians from different countries enables networks to be established with music lovers throughout the world. The festival is expected to generate a lot of movement with people connecting and getting to know new music.

The artists and schedules

The festival will start on Saturday, April 25th at 5 p.m. with duet Charlotte Fever with their fresh sound from France. From there, national recognized bands like Un Rojo, Hijos and Sonámbulo will be part of the lineup. On the other hand, musicians from New York City such as JW Francis, Margaux and Rulo from Mexico City will share their art from outside our borders. Finally, the Festival will close on Sunday, April 26 with the Costa Rican independent rock band Maldito Delorean.

Below, you can find the Festival schedules and clicking on each artist the Instagram accounts from where they will broadcast live:

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