The inspiration and passion with which Liah Sample interprets each of her songs is fascinating. The American-Dominican singer-songwriter moved to Costa Rica at the age of 7 and currently resides in San José. Liah mentioned that she is influenced by artists such as Feist, Sharon Van Etten, Mon Laferte, and Natalia Lafourcade, however, she listens to all kinds of music. Her favorite genres are Indie and dream pop.

The Beginning

Liah started playing music at age 16 when she started classes at a music academy in San José. “When I was a child I was in theater classes, suddenly I started playing music. I ended up writing songs and I did it only for myself, as a therapy”. In her music she seeks to generate peace and that people feel identified with her lyrics. “I consider myself a person who wants to learn many things, I want to be very human myself, I feel that this makes people connect with music.” Liah is the main songwriter of all her songs and expresses that the place where she feels most comfortable to create music is her room with a cup of tea next to her.


The artist’s songs are mostly in English, however, she has also composed in Spanish. “Wilderness talks about finding herself, I wrote it when I was 18 when I wanted to know what my identity as a person was, it came out of that. Burn talks about people who quit and give up on dreams. Another of my songs ,Jack, is about losing someone in a relationship or a loved one. ” Liah usually performs in a duet. Some artists such as Daniel Chaves and Gabriel Loynaz have collaborated in the presentations mostly playing guitar and choirs.

Projects and goals

One of her aspirations is to be able to collaborate with different national artists. “I think I would love to have a more solid direction in my songs, combine both Spanish and English and continue singing live, experiencing more music.” The singer-songwriter usually performs in the Steinvorth building, Jazz café among others. ” I want my music to be impactful and I have found that through Jesus. He has loved and saved me and I want others to be able to experience the same”.  Her music can be found on Youtube, Spotify and social networks like Instagram.

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