We spoke with Gonzalo Chaves, singer and songwriter of the musical group GAEL. Together with guitarist Johel Coto, this duet gathers influences from R&B and pop and portrays them with the colors of love.


Gonzalo and Johel met in 2017 when they were attending the same musical academy. At that time Johel was looking for a vocalist to start a new project and found Gonzalo after recommendations from teachers and friends at the academy. As part of their growth in followers, they started playing covers on Facebook, while creating their own music. This is how their history of composition began, which was boosted by their common musical tastes. Both enjoy R&B and find inspiration in artists such as Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean and H.E.R. On the other hand, the themes they touch on in their songs are related to the spectrum of love emotions, from illusion to betrayal.


In their musical career they have had the opportunity to play in venues such as Jazz Café, 8ctavo Rooftop and Hard Rock Café. In this last one they have delighted with their music on several occasions and released their EP “Cycle” in October last year. This concert was a different experience from the ones they had previously. Since it was the first time they played in the full band format accompanied by bass, keyboards and percussion. The objective of this show was to show many of the details that their compositions have, such as the voices, for this reason, three chorus girls were also part of the lineup. Playing live GAEL songs and releasing “Cycle” in this format was a surreal experience for what they prepared for several weeks.

Projects on the way 

In the time between their first single “My Addiction” in 2018 and their EP Cycle in 2019 the musical project has undergone changes through scale models finding the style that most identifies them. In this process, they have discovered in composition a tool to know themselves and the reach of their musical vibes. For the first four months of this year, they had planned the release of a new single, but the worldwide context we are going through postponed it. Still, Gonzalo and Johel are working on it, as well as on an EP to be released soon.

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