Meeting JW Francis

Under the lights of a colorful little stage at the Steinvorth Building right at the heart of San José city, we had the chance of speaking with the Songwriter JW Francis a few minutes before starting his show just to get to know him a little, giving him a warm welcome to our country and of course asking what could we expect for tonight’s gig.


He was telling us that he is been moving from a place to another since he was a kid just because of destiny, originally coming from Oklahoma city and then moving to France when he was 13 years old, living there for around five years and currently living in the big city of New York.
One of his first projects went by the name of “Nico West” which he mentioned was kind of a joke between him and his friends since he was creating songs dedicated to all different kind of fruits like papaya, starfruit and of course, he also has a banana song that by the way, you can still find on youtube.

Between laughs he was telling me he was really excited about trying new different fruits on Costa Rica, and guess what buddy, you just came to the right place!
Things by then were good, and fun however, when talking about the music it was something really serious for him and as he was growing up as a songwriter, he realized that he wanted to live and experience the vibe and style of New York music, he was just too excited to see what could´ve happen in such a big city loving it’s fast and chaotic lifestyle.

Current Project

His current project JW Francis is really recent starting just on november 2018, which combines and explores alternative indie styles with a splash of psychedelic, we both agreed on calling it “The beauty of simplicity”, his Project’s name got inspired by that kind of nickname used by some fiction novel writers like J.K. Rowling or J.R.R. Tolkien.

“The thing with the name was really fun and simple, I was inspired by that  side of myself that loves fiction books and comics” Just geek stuff we all love, isn’t?

We also asked him a couple of questions about it’s influences and he told us that’s something really diverse for him, from popular bands like The Beatles or The Strokes to new emerging artists like Kate Le Bon and some good musician friends from Montreal Canada being this one of his favorite places when talking about music and people.

“ I don’t know, I just love Canada man”


He is a really humble and enthusiast person, and  I noticed that right at the beginning when he rejected my hand to give me a hug instead which we of course I happily answered back, he was really excited about telling us how well was he treated by his friends from the Costa Rican band Sportdad being practically his tour guides during the short time he had in our country, sharing historic and cultural information with him and of course showing him the real meaning of the “pura vida” which we can say for fact he is already into.


“I usually play with several musicians for different collaborations also being supported by a friend of mine that works the production area, he it’s been working with me for the most recent singles being himself  a person that I admire because of his talent and progress, I want to work with somebody that good.”

“Tonight’s show would be a little different being only me, some backing tracks and a couple more things, let’s put it would be a cool challenge, I have to say, expect some mistakes.. haha but it is all about the people having a good time, we´ll have a lot of fun” 


For his near future he was telling us he might be somewhere in California, doing what he do best, great music, he says he have a really weird but strong connection with that place, “something is just calling him to be around” and we think it could be related to how well it’s his music being accepted in Cali.

Saying goodbye with another big hug we wish him nothing but the best for all his future projects and we’ll leave him to get prepared for his show at the Steinvorth Music Hall, here we have some picture of the best moments of such a great night we all had and see you on the next one.

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